Brookside Drive Residence, Oakland, CA
This is a 3,400 square foot 3-story
residence constructed on a steep
and narrow lot nestled in the
Oakland hills.  This particular lot
fell victim to the Oakland
Firestorm, which destroyed 3,354
single-family dwellings and 437
apartment and condominium units
in 1991. Evidence from the fire can
be seen by the scorched bark of
the large cedar tree (left).
Brookside Drive Residence
Oakland, CA
Architect:  Robert Nebolon
Engineer:  Manning Engineering
Due to the seismology of the
area, along with poor soil
conditions, the foundation
system required 12-foot deep
cast-in-place concrete caissons
with a continuous perimeter
grade beam.  The steepness of
the site also warranted masonry
retaining walls on three sides to
create the ground floor driveway
and garage space.
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